Lisset Cosmeceutical™ Serum

Curative, Restorative, Preventive

Developed and formulated by Dr. Reich after many years of research, Lisset Serum is a dramatically effective anti-inflammatory topical preparation for treating and healing psoriasis, eczema, burns, scars, wounds, and other skin conditions. Lisset also protects healthy skin from future damage and aging. Now available online – click above to order!

Lisset Daily Moisturizer +

Cosmeceutical Cream

Lisset Moisturizer Plus moisturizes and evens skin tones. Will not cause break-outs. Formulated with all-natural ingredients.

Dr Marshall Reich

Board-Certified General Surgeon
and Dermatologist

Dr. Reich has acquired a long list of achievements in his fields. One of his more recent accomplishments is the revolutionary Lisset Serum, now available to the public.

A Better You –

Dermatology and Skin Care
in Taos, New Mexico

Lisset (Lee-SAY, from the French word meaning “to smooth”) Cosmeceutical Serum™
General Dermatology
Surgical Dermatology
Cosmetic Dermatology
Light Therapy
Patch Testing